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A space fantasy world

Published Thursday, May 17, 2018

Space Fantasy
Elves, dwarves
Space monsters, tentacles
Vampires haunting spaceships' wrecks
Steampunk, retro-futurism...

Space Wizard McKcarell, is all of these at once!
It is a scifi comic world where an ancient galactic war between white elves and dark elves take place.

The cause of all this?


This technical discovery which was supposed to improve everyone's life is the cause of a terrible accident which took many lives. Since then it unleashes high emotions between those who support its use and those who denounce it.

In this chaos two heroes will emerge to end the conflict in a merry, happy atmosphere: Arthur McKcarell, dark elf and former pirate, and Lilian Killfaeh, his side kick, a young white elf. They will become the best of friends.

Extract from an old version

I developpe this world since 2007.
It was born of the collision between my fantasy readings (the adventures of Drizzt Do Urden, the dark elf, written by R.A. Salvatore) and my passion and my fascination for astrophysics, space travel and naturally space opera.

In this universe, I imagine magic (more often called sorcery here) not as a mystical thing that comes snapping fingers if "you have received the gift,". On the contrary I imagine it as a metaphor for science and technologies. It is a knowledge about a set of natural properties of this fictional universe. A knowledge that is studied and whose mastery allows to develop technologies and know-how according to the same process that everything man has built until now.

I imagined something that looks like computer science. Spells are programs written in a computer language. Sort of computers called relays run them.
Sorcerers can be seen as computer engineers. Hardware technicians or software developers according to the profiles.

Magic is a neutral tool that can spread good as well as evil according to the use that one makes of it. It arouses curiosity, fascination, mistrust and fear on the part of the uninitiated. In retrospect, I realize that this has always been the case, in fiction as in reality. There are similar attitudes towards science and technologies.

Sometimes uninitiated see science as something cold, incipid, too rigid, which claims to be absolute and irrefutable and seems incompatible with dreams and enchantment.

I want to prove the opposite. =D

It may be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for poetry and scriptwriting.
Italo Calvino (1923-1985) has already done so in his Cosmicomics tales (1965). Starting from the observation that our ancestors used the myths to explain the world and to understand it in a metaphorical way, he reversed the process: starting from the current scientific knowledge he has built stories all more incredible than the next and full of poetry (characters who are doing throwing competitions of hydrogen atoms, characters who surf the galaxies using the expansion of the universe...).

It is this kind of story that I want to share with you. :D
Magic that I imagine draws its inspiration from computing and push its possibilities into the wildest fantasies of humanity. You will also meet a space bestiary that is reminiscent of the fauna of the deep sea.

I offer you to embark on a Star Trek like adventure in a fantasy world with its fantastic creatures and steampunk inspired illustrations.

I wish you a wonderful journey in the world of Space Wizard McKcarel . =D