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Space Wizard McKcarell on Tipeee and Patreon !

Published by Suisei at 30/07/2018 à 12h45

Hello, everybody!

That's it!
As announced last Friday, the Space Wizard McKcarell comic series is launched! =D
The crowdfunding pages Tipeee and Patreon, are also open and you can already find the prologue to the comic in free reading, on Tipeee (in French) and on Patreon (in English), as well as a whole bunch of bonuses and advantages described on the home pages of the 2 platforms.

I take this opportunity to post here the result of the live session I did on Twitch during which I worked on two pages of Space Wizard McKcarell last Thursday.
I had not enough time to edit the final video. I'll make it available when I get back from vacation.

Let's take a look at the publishing of the comic and how the pages Tipeee and Patreon work.

The publishing of the McKcarell Space Wizard comic will be based on a model similar to that of the successful French mangas Chronoctis Express and Head Trick.
The publishing of the comic will be free, BUT full of advantages are proposed to the patrons: one month early access to the pages without watermark nor censorship (if necessary), personalized thanks, high resolution scans of my illustrations, tutos tips and tricks, graphic resources, goodies (postcards or holocards, others will come later), personalized drawings, private lives, lotteries...
For more information on the content and benefits offered, everything is detailed on the home pages of Tipeee and Patreon with many images and illustrations. :D

Tipeee and Patreon are monthly crowdfunding platforms. This means that you can give a small donation to a creator every month (simgle donations are also possible). Meanwhile, the creator produces content that he provides to you over the month or at the end of the month.
It is a form of patronage like Ulule or Kickstarter.
Many youtubers use this type of crowdfunding. It is also increasingly used for comics, which can make it possible to be independent of publishers and advertisers.

That's all for the news and launch of Space Wizard McKcarell (FINALLY!).

I wish you a very happy summer vacation and see you in a fortnight! =D

Suisei - Killfaeh

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