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Terms of use

Published Wednesday, July 06, 2016
Update Wednesday, May 06, 2018

Welcome to !
This website offers comics to read and games to play created by Suisei and an online store service. The store terms of use are available on this page.
The present document states the rules of the website which guarantee its good atmosphere and its proper functioning (excluding commercial transactions). By using the website, you automatically accept it's rules. is a website developped and designed by Suisei.

Conditions of use of a website are not subject to legal formalism (contrary to the store terms of use) so I write them in a light tone to make them as less austere to read as possible (and to make them less boring to write). :)

1. A guided tour

The website offers comics I (Suisei) write and illustrate free to read.
It offers games I programmed playeble in your web browser too. Some of them need you register and others not.
I can keep up with the website news with the news feed that registered users can comment.
The members as the unregistered visitors can subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the newsletter which sends the news feeds to your e-mail box. offers a store service where you can buy physical edition of my comics, some original piece of my illustrations or of my comics pages and prints of my illustrations (posters, postal cards, hand made trading cards).

2. « Don't do this, don't do that... »

The website allows its registered members to express themselves through comments on the news,their avatar and their nickname.
It is obvious that to maintain a good atmosphere and the proper functioning of the website, the content that you post by these means must respect the following rules.

2.1. « Do not break your toy » is an entertainment area. So, you have to respect it, for you and for the others.

So, it is forbidden to affect the website's security, functioning and availability by any means (retro ingeniring, malicious code injection, denied service... or whatever).

If you are looking for credit card numbers, wrong tree. Try elsewhere. We don't receive or store any of them here.
If you are looking for challenge, there are competitions where you will be applauded for your hacker performances. We do not care about that here.

2.2. « Blow your nose and say hello to the lady »

(If you have a good equivalent for this fucking french expression I take suggestions. :) )

The atmosphere is always nicer when the people we meet are kind. Say just "hello", at least the first time you post and a "thank you" when we answer your questions or when someone helped you. It make you more friendly. =)

Insults are not tolerated, as is any threatening, harassing, hateful or defamatory wording or content.
If you are upset, it may not be time to post. Take a deep breath, relax in a gym and come back later.

2.3. « Love your neighbor as you love yourself »

Here we are tolerant and we put aside differences of opinion.
Express sentiments of a discriminatory nature (about an ethnic group, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation or other) is not tolerated. Even in the name of « humor ».

Any incitement to hatred of a person or a group of people is also not tolerated.

Shocking, violent, vulgar or sexually explicit content or related to child pornography or apology for child pornography is also not tolerated.

Spare us the « freedom of expression » verse to justify this kind of talk. Here, freedom of expression is limited by the moral values that the administration and moderation team respect... That is, those of Suisei. :D
If you want to express a point of view that is discriminatory, hateful or contrary to public order and morality, go and do it in places where you will be heard. Not here.

The rule is simple: if it does not please Suisei then it is not allowed.=p

2.4. « Think before open your mouth »

To keep a good atmosphere on the website, there are things that we do not say and sensitive topics that we avoid.

Among the topics that anger avoid anything concerning politics, religion, sensitive news…
The website is not a propaganda field or a political or ideological wrestling ring. (Beware of your butt, referee Suisei is never far away.)

Avoid using cynicism and irony. It can be misinterpreted.

2.5. About slang

The use of slang is largely tolerated if that it does not conflict with previous rules, especially Articles 2.2 and 2.3.
I'm not in a position to piss you off about it. :p

2.6. « Thou shalt not steal »

This site is in no way a hacking site. Any link providing access to illegal content (violating copyrights, favoring software piracy, hacking, spamming) is banned within the site and will be deleted without notice.

The content of the site is protected by copyright. It is not permitted to copy all or part of the site and its contents, to use, distribute, reproduce or denature without prior written permission. A little message like "Hi, Suisei! Can I use this to do that?" sent with the contact form available in the top bar menu doesn't cost much. I do not ask you for convoluted form of politeness and I do not bite. :D

2.7. Wild advertising

Any member registering only to post advertising and commercial links without participating in the website community will be banned outright. (I'm so naive, robots don't read rules. xD )

2.8. « You are a big boy now »

Considering that you are big boy or a big girl and that you know what you are posting, (and so Suisei) can not be held responsible for the content you post that violates the previous rules or not.
Therefore, you are held solely responsible for the content you post in the comments, the avatar and nickname you choose and, more generally, the use you make of the website.
I don't want to know if you consult it in a meeting or in the toilet. :D

3. User access levels

2 levels of access are available for the users.

Visitor access, which does not require any registration, allows you to consult the site, read online comics, play games that do not record any data (such as scores), read news and other articles on the site, consult the catalog of the shop.

Registered members (second level of access) have the same rights of consultation as visitors and can also post comments on news, play games that record data as personal scores and order on the shop.

4. responsibilities

Suisei is committed to maintaining the access to and its content to its maximum.

On the other hand, she can not be held responsible if the contents or the entirety of the site were to be unavailable because of events beyond its control.
Suisei also can not be held responsible for the contents and comments made by the users if they violate the rules. (Article 2.).
Nor can she be held responsible for any damage to your computer, an interruption of services or accidental loss of your content or disclosure of your login credentials that do not come from a website's error.

Nevertheless, Suisei commit herself to solving these problems to the best of its ability as quickly as possible.
In case of unresolved dispute, the competent authority is the French jurisdiction.

5. Personal data

Some personal data are essential for the proper functioning of
This data includes an email address that allows you to recover a forgotten password and to subscribe to the newsletter, as well as, if necessary, a physical address and a telephone number allowing to deliver your orders placed on the shop.
You agree that will use this data to maintain its services.

This information will not be shared with third parties except, possibly, at the request of a public authority. (I honestly doubt that it happens here, but just in case...)

And of course, in accordance with the law, no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 concerning information technology, files and civil liberties, you have the right to access, modify and delete this data.

6. Cookies

The website doesn't use cookies in it's current version.

7. Changing rules

To ensure the proper functioning of the website, the rules you have just read may change at any time. Do not hesitate to take a look from time to time.
In addition, I will also try to keep you up-to-date with updates.

8. Acceptance of the rules

By using the website, you automatically accept it's rules abnd their changes without limitation.
Changes will be made without prior agreement and will be considered accepted when you use once these changes take effect.