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Normandiebulle 2019 and progress of Tarkhan

Published by Suisei at 19/09/2019 à 15h45

Normandiebulle 2019

Good morning, everyone!

Today, I come to announce that I will be present for the next festival Normandiebulle with a nice bunch of author and my partner Marialexie ! :D

The festival will take place on 28 and 29 September in Darnétal.
All the practical informations are available on this page of the Normandiebulle website.

As usual, I will present you my comics, my originals iilustrations, and various prints with pretty signing sketches. :D
I'm not sure I have enough space to install the video game this year. I'll see how I can handle it on the spot.

Progress of the Tarkhan Skullkiller comic book

The inking of the comic book pages Tarkhan Skullkiller is progressing at a good pace.
70% of the pages are inked and there are still 20 pages to be done.
I took care to update the progress bars on the Ulule page.

Unfortunately, despite the sleepless nights and very long working days, we will not be able to offer you the comic book during Normandiebulle.
The comic pages will be finished, I will have the originals of the pages on my stand, but the printer will not be able to have the comics delivered on time.

On the one hand, it's not a big deal because no contributor who has already financed the comic book has announced that they want to get their reward at the festival, on the other hand it's quite frustrating because it's only a few days away and we would have liked to proudly expose the finished comic book. (That'll teach me to want to break productivity records.)

In any case, we are at the end of the tunnel and the sending of rewards can start during the first half of October.

Inktober 2019 ?

Yes! October is coming soon!

I must confess that for this one, I'm going to pass. After producing a little over 100 pages of comics (spread over 3 different projects) in the space of a summer, my body began to be very tired and deserved a short break. x)

I think I can be satisfied that I have achieved this level of productivity by not having to commit almost any deviations from the usual quality of my work.
For that, I thank Alberto Varanda for everything he taught me last spring and Beaux-Arts & Entertainment which allowed this evening class. All these new methods and tips and tricks have increased my effectiveness tenfold. :D

I'm going to have to take the time to publish all this on my Tipeee and Patreon pages that I had to put a little aside until I finished all these comics.

Now I get back to my inking work and wish you a nice day.
See you soon!


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