100% lived!

Published Monday, August 17, 2020

Hello and welcome to the web page dedicated to the comic Comic Artist for Rent !

This time I left my comfort zone to try an exercise I'm not used to : the humorous comic strip. This project was born from the need to externalize my feelings and share with you my anecdotes as a comic artist in the process of professionalization. So! It's a outlet. x)

I lived or at least observed all the situations described in this comic book and I hardly caricatured anything, which made making of this comic all the more spicy. The staged characters, on the other hand, are absolutly fictitious in their designs and do not refer to any real person (with the exception of a certain friend, a plagiarist hunter, who will recognize himself :p ). I put the scene in the context of a convention, but all these situations can be found almost anywhere a professional or near-professional comic artist can be found.

Some extracts are available for free reading.
The complete comic without watermark is reserved as an exclusive bonus for the patrons from Tipeee and Patreon, as well as for the lucky purchasers of the comic book.

I would like to thank all those who supported me in this project: my family, my friends from Drink'N'Draw and elsewhere, Marialexie who was looking forward to this little book ;p the patrons (Kevin Kapalsky, Salagir, Eskhar Hygan, Steven Style and Haerion), and let's not forget the little champions without whom this comic wouldn't exist and who inspired the writing of all these little scenes. We like you anyway. :p