Tarkhan Skullkiller : screentones finished!

Published by Suisei at 09/06/2020 à 15h45
Updated by Suisei at 08/06/2020 à 21h38

Hi everyone!

Today I'm posting this news to announce you that I've finished put the screentones and the sound effects on the comic book Tarkhan Skullkiller ! :D

Screentones: greyscales based on dot patterns.

There's gonna be some fighting in this comic book. :p

I have almost finished to work on the comic page.
There's just one step left and I propose you to do it together on Twitch, next Friday, June 12, 2020 at 8pm. :)

What is this step?

These are the speed and shock effects that are often simulated by lines in manga. You can see some of them on the some pages published online.

Then why do I want to show you this step?

Well, I'm not going to do it by hand or use any software available from the market.
I'm going to use a little software called Péguy that I programmed myself and that I've been using for a little while now and that I continue to develop.

This software doesn't generate only speed lines. It also allows you to generate perspective stone walls and other stuff. :p

The session on Twitch will be the occasion to make you discover Péguy, what it already can do and also introduce the features under development.
You can of course take the opportunity to ask your questions in the Twitch chatbox or on the Discord vocal chat. :)

To be honest, once Tarkhan is finished, I will spend the summer working on this software project in order to make the new features available for next fall. I think I have many advantages to take from this tool given the services it has already provided me. :)

Have a nice week and see you Friday!


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Some brushes for Tarkhan Skullkiller

Published by Suisei at 22/05/2020 à 15h45

Hi everyone!

Today I'm sending you this post to give you some news about the progress of the comic book Tarkhan Skullkiller.

I just finished a whole bunch of reusable graphics and brushes for Clip Studio Paint in order to finish the comic book pages in a reasonable amount of time.

I finished this phase which is not very exciting to stream, so I'll be able to resume live drawing sessions on Twitch. :)
I propose one this Saturday, May 23rd, from 6:00 p.m. until... Until I'm fed up or I've finished a stage, so probably until midnight or 1 am. That way, you can watch the stream when you want. x)
As you can imagine, this time it will be digital work with Clip Studio Paint, so if you want to know more about this software and ask questions, this will be the perfect time for that. :)

Have a nice evening and see you Saturday!


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Tarkhan Skullkiller: Inking finished!

Published by Suisei at 19/03/2020 à 20h15

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all okay! :)
In these trouble times there is still some good news on the horizon.
Indeed, last weekend, I finally finished the traditional inking of the Tarkhan Skullkiller comic book pages ! \o/

As usual, I updated the progress bars, except on the Patreon's home page because the interface of this platform has changed and became incomprehensible. :/
I'll have to reorganize those crowdfunding pages, but I'll talk about that on another occasion.

Anyway, today I have only digital retouching (corrections, effects, onomatopoeia... ) and the halftones to do.
So, it will be finished soon and it will be facilitated by the containment measures as I no longer have to travel to work. That's what you call looking on the bright side. :p

Otherwise, I would like to do live drawing sessions on Twitch again and more often, but I don't know when or how I'm going to organize that. I'll talk you about that when the time comes. Maybe I'll improvise like my friends, so in order to miss nothing, I invite you to subscribe to my Twitch channel. :p

That's all for the news.
I wish you a good fortnight in your slippers for those who can and good luck for the others. If you're afraid of getting bored, I suggest you ask the geeks around you for advice. This species of homebodies (of which I am one) will be able to suggest you enough activities to keep you busy at home for at least a century. :D

See you soon!


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Tarkhan take a break

Published by Suisei at 14/01/2020 à 15h45

Hi everyone !

I'm sending you this little news to announce that I'm forced to put the comic book project Tarkhan Skullkiller on pause.

No mystery about the reason, I already briefly talked about it in the previous news: strikes.

As I already said: I live and work in Paris.
Contrary to what the media claim, the transport situation is not getting any better. There are certainly a few more subways and co, but this is not enough to stem the flow of holiday returns and people stopping teleworking.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to get on a train.

So i'm forced to walk more and more (up to 8 kilometers a day) in addition to my 40 hours of work a week to fill the fridge that the comics don't fill.
So, when I'm forced to hike, well, I don't draw, and on weekends, I'm dead.

Between the development of my artistic activity and my return to work, I have taken no break or holiday for about 2 years.
This situation only ends me physically, so, to preserve my health, I have to put Tarkhan aside until these strikes are over.
If negotiations end it quickly, so much the better, if the refractory unions persist, Tarkhan will drag on in proportion. (Think of it as an act of protest, too, even though I know they don't give a damn).

Here, while waiting for better news, here is a little digital sketch I made for the theme of the Drink'N'Draw What do you expect the most for 2020?
Here is my response. x)

Work is health ! Doing nothing keep it ! (Henri Salvador - french singer)

That's all for the news.
Thank you for your patience and I hope to give you some news soon.
Be courageous!


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New job and Tarkhan's progress

Published by Suisei at 01/12/2019 à 15h45
Updated by Suisei at 01/12/2019 à 15h23

Hi, everyone!

After a few weeks of absence, I owe you some news about the Tarkhan project.
Nothing serious, don't worry. :)

Tarkhan's progress has slowed down recently for a very simple reason, I have not much savings and drawing comics doesn't allow me to live, so I had to look for a new job. So I had to spend the last few weeks writing cover letters and running after the interviews instead of drawing. (Yes, we do more exciting as a hobby.)

Don't worry, I've found a job and I'm starting on Monday. :)

It will only be in the evening and on weekends, but at least I can finally work on the comic pages again. There are still 7 pages left, then the retouching and halftones (I updated the progress bars). I will also be able to give news more often and make live work sessions on Twitch. I have to know my new schedules first and I think I will propose one soon.

Well, I'm sorry, but I'm still not very good at deadlines and I always tend to overestimate my production rate. I always want to go faster, produce more, but my enthusiasm is often overtaken by reality. I think the simplest thing is that in the future I only launch a crowdfunding when the comic book to be financed is finished.
That said, imposing deadlines on myself, even if I don't always keep them, encourages me to be regular as possible and to progress.

Otherwise, this summer, I had sent a small form by email to all contributors to ask them for their choice of visuals and other useful information for the rewards. Some of them replied (and I thank them for that) but not all. I will therefore send a short reminder email shortly so that those who have not yet replied can let me know their choices.

That's all for today.
In any case, I thank you for your patience, I go back to work on my comic page and keep you informed. :)
I wish you a good Sunday.


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Tarkhan's progress and coloring of a DBM illustration on Twitch

Published by Suisei at 09/10/2019 à 15h45

Today, I come to give you news about the progress of the Tarkhan Skullkiller comic book and propose a future live session on Twitch to color an illustration about Dragon Ball Multiverse.

Progress of the Tarkhan Skullkiller comic book

The inking of the comic strip Tarkhan Skullkiller progress slowly, but surely.
I'm finishing a series of pages full of backgrounds and enemy armies and then I begin to ink the final battle of the adventure.
After the one I'm showing you here, I still have 14 more to ink.
As usual, I took care to update the progress bars on the Ulule page.

WIP of the page number 53.
Having been a little hasty, I realize that I will be able to organize an architectural errors hunt when the book is published. x)

So, as I am a little late, if there are any among you, dear friends/readers/contributors, who want to propose fanarts to make a collection at the end of the comic book, our messenger services are always open! :D
To inspire you, the presentation of the characters is always available on Ulule and the beginning of the comic is freely readable here.

Our friend Kapalsky offered us a great illustration that captures the personality of our two heroes! =D

Colouring a Dragon Ball Multiverse illustration on Twitch

Last Sunday I participated in the animation of the Dragon Ball Multiverse stand in Paris Manga by making drawings for readers and fans.
Between the visitors' requests, I have inked the following illustration.

The confrontation between Vegeta and Cell is announced in the tournament table that you can consult on the DBM website and I can tell you that the fangirl that I am of these two characters is looking forward to read this duel. :D

I have planned to make a color version and I propose you to do it tomorrow (Thursday, October 10) live on Twitch from 6:30 PM ! :D

Now I get back to my inking work and wish you a nice day.
See you soon!


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Tarkhan Skullkiller on Ulule, reward options

Published by Suisei at 22/07/2019 à 15h45

Hi everybody!

The list of illustrations that you can choose if you have chosen a reward with prints during the Ulule campaign for our comic book Tarkhan Skullkiller is updated ! :D

Here is the complete list of illustrations you can choose from. Of course, the smiley will not be part of the print if you choose Tarkhan in the river. x)

Therefore, we will very quickly send you a form where you can indicate the options you want for your reward (choice of illustration for prints, choice of character for sketch in the book and commissions).

Other project owners on Ulule have informed us that Ulule news does not always reach the contributors' mailboxes, so to be sure that everyone receives this form, we will send it directly by email, without using Ulule's services.

Also note that 5 people won an additional A4 poster in a small random game (on which we miscommunicated, we are sorry for this clumsiness ^^' ) and that we will ask the winners to choose an additional illustration among the 6 proposed for this poster.

That's all for today!
Have a nice day and see you soon! :D

Suisei and Marialexie

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