A sword and sorcery one-shot

Published Friday, November 02, 2018

An army rised from the grave is attacking the kingdom of SternBerg! The only wizard able to send the instigator of this invasion back to the netherworld is murdered! The king has no choice but to call upon the services of a political prisoner to defeat this scourge: Tarkhan Skullkiller, the Hyboric barbarian!

Welcome to the world of Tarkhan Skullkiller, a world of fantasy and adventure!

For the moment, it is considered as a one-shot.
I'm not alone on this project. My friend Marialexie write the story while I am exclusively in charge of the illustrations.

I had been thinking for months about a project especially for the Inktober 2018. The objective was to force me to adapt my working methods to be more productive without compromising quality.
I also wanted a project where I could enjoy drawing quickly without systematically pushing myself out of my comfort zone. (All these ships, all these tourists, all these Parisian streets...)

And a few weeks ago I started listening to Rhapsody of Fire again.
What? You don’t know Rhapsody of Fire?
Take a look at this playlist then. You will please me. :p

So I started to dream of muscular warriors, shining swords and dragons breathing flames.
And while talking with Marialexie, we both expressed the desire to tell these kinds of stories. Just to have fun. No headache or pressure. With the good retro touch of the 70s and 80s that goes well.
That's when we agreed to create Tarkhan Skullkiller. =D

So let's jump together into our comfort zone! =D

We will publish this story the same way as Space Wizard McKcarell: an early access of pages without watermark and uncensored for patrons and a publication delayed by one month for others, with censorship (if needed) and watermark.