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À l'Aventure Compagnons ! Postponed by one hour

Published by Suisei at 17/04/2020 à 10h15
Updated by Suisei at 17/04/2020 à 09h31

Hi everyone!

I'm publishing this little news to remind you that I will broadcast a little game session À l'Aventure Compagnons ! on Twitch tonight, but also that I'm postponing it by one hour.
Indeed, I think it might be nicer to let people who eat at normal hours (not like me :p ) finish their meal, but also, I almost forgot that today was shopping day and I don't know if it's going to be as messy as last Friday at the store.

So, I'll be on Twitch at 8PM. :)

If you want to actively participate in the raid to kick the goblins and the dragon during this session you can download the game on this page.

Have a nice day and see you tonight on Twitch ! =D


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Go on an Adventure Comrades!

Published by Suisei at 13/04/2020 à 15h45

Hi everyone!

A week ago I had to learn a new programming language for my job: Python.
And to finalize learning this language, guess what I did last weekend as an exercice?

Yes ! A new game! =D

One more!
This time, we're still in the RPG business, but I didn't use RPG Maker and it's an online multiplayer game.
Yes, like MMORPGs, but much smaller. x)

This new game is called À l'Aventure Compagnons ! (Go on an Adventure Comrades!) and is downloadable at this page.

In this game, you will explore a small, very small, fantasy world, very classic, looking like Tolkian Middle Earth (you don't change a winning team) all illustrated with pencil.
You can play as a human, an elf or a dwarf to go up against goblins or a dragon in a turn-based combat system close to an ancient Final Fantasy.
A single adventurer can defeat the goblins, but a small group raid will be necessary to defeat the dragon.

Now you can download the game here and play.
A nice manual is also available on this page. It even includes a bestiary ! =D

If you use Mac OS X or Windows, at the start of the game, a very ugly console of those which frighten the neophites like the one below will be displayed next to the main window.

Don't panic, it's perfectly normal. :)
It's even a very useful tool. All the bugs and errors are displayed there if there are any.
So, if at some point it crashes, feel free to copy the content of this console or make a capture and send it to me on Discord or via the contact form so that I can apply the necessary patches quickly.

As this is an exercise, I don't plan many evolutions for this game, but I think I will bring some little improvements, notably to make it multilingual (it is currently available in French only) and to improve a bit the graphical interface. Python's built-in graphics library is quite limited and not fully developed. Some external resources will be needed.

At the moment, the game server is running on my personal computer, so it will sometimes be turned off (you'll get a nice error message on the login screen :p ). Therefore, I'm thinking more and more about investing in a small Raspberry Pi to run as a permanent server, especially since my other game projects that are already on the way integrate more and more multiplayer components.

A little live session on Twitch?

Well, since at the moment the tasks I'm doing on the comic book Tarkhan Skullkiller are not particularly exciting to film (hatching on trees), I propose to do a little live game session on Twitch where we'll kick together some naughty goblin and evil dragon. =D

I propose you to do that next friday (April 17, 2020) at 7pm by connecting in voice chat on Discord to play together.

That's all for today.
I thank my friend Jérôme who accepted to beta-test the game to track down the remaining bugs. ^^

I wish you a good Easter weekend and see you soon!


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Tarkhan Skullkiller: Inking finished!

Published by Suisei at 19/03/2020 à 20h15

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all okay! :)
In these trouble times there is still some good news on the horizon.
Indeed, last weekend, I finally finished the traditional inking of the Tarkhan Skullkiller comic book pages ! \o/

As usual, I updated the progress bars, except on the Patreon's home page because the interface of this platform has changed and became incomprehensible. :/
I'll have to reorganize those crowdfunding pages, but I'll talk about that on another occasion.

Anyway, today I have only digital retouching (corrections, effects, onomatopoeia... ) and the halftones to do.
So, it will be finished soon and it will be facilitated by the containment measures as I no longer have to travel to work. That's what you call looking on the bright side. :p

Otherwise, I would like to do live drawing sessions on Twitch again and more often, but I don't know when or how I'm going to organize that. I'll talk you about that when the time comes. Maybe I'll improvise like my friends, so in order to miss nothing, I invite you to subscribe to my Twitch channel. :p

That's all for the news.
I wish you a good fortnight in your slippers for those who can and good luck for the others. If you're afraid of getting bored, I suggest you ask the geeks around you for advice. This species of homebodies (of which I am one) will be able to suggest you enough activities to keep you busy at home for at least a century. :D

See you soon!


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And the winner is !

Published by Suisei at 28/01/2020 à 15h45
Updated by Suisei at 27/01/2020 à 21h47

Hi everybody!

And here is finally the result of the contest on the game Star Wars - Space Battle ! (Yes, it took a while, but to be honest, I was lazy to write the news. :p)

After one month of challenge, it's fenryr8778 who wins with 273 points !
Congratulations to him! \o/

So he wins the originals of this illustration of Rey from Star Wars!

Besides, many of you played, and that really made me happy! :D
When you develop a game, it's the greatest reward to see people playing it.

So, to thank you, it occurred to me to offer a small gift to all the participants: a A6 postcard among those available on the store that you can consult here.
I will send an email to each of you to ask you which visual would please you and your contact details to send it to you.
Note that the Cosmic Christ is announced as currently unavailable. I am planning to reprint it, so you can choose it as well.

So, it was a first time and seeing that you played the game, I have a good mind to organize new contests of this type in the future while evolving the formula and developing small features to follow and animate these events more easily for ever more fun. :D

On that note, Have a nice week, and see you soon!


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Tarkhan take a break

Published by Suisei at 14/01/2020 à 15h45

Hi everyone !

I'm sending you this little news to announce that I'm forced to put the comic book project Tarkhan Skullkiller on pause.

No mystery about the reason, I already briefly talked about it in the previous news: strikes.

As I already said: I live and work in Paris.
Contrary to what the media claim, the transport situation is not getting any better. There are certainly a few more subways and co, but this is not enough to stem the flow of holiday returns and people stopping teleworking.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to get on a train.

So i'm forced to walk more and more (up to 8 kilometers a day) in addition to my 40 hours of work a week to fill the fridge that the comics don't fill.
So, when I'm forced to hike, well, I don't draw, and on weekends, I'm dead.

Between the development of my artistic activity and my return to work, I have taken no break or holiday for about 2 years.
This situation only ends me physically, so, to preserve my health, I have to put Tarkhan aside until these strikes are over.
If negotiations end it quickly, so much the better, if the refractory unions persist, Tarkhan will drag on in proportion. (Think of it as an act of protest, too, even though I know they don't give a damn).

Here, while waiting for better news, here is a little digital sketch I made for the theme of the Drink'N'Draw What do you expect the most for 2020?
Here is my response. x)

Work is health ! Doing nothing keep it ! (Henri Salvador - french singer)

That's all for the news.
Thank you for your patience and I hope to give you some news soon.
Be courageous!


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Happy new year 2020!

Published by Suisei at 06/01/2020 à 15h45

Hi everyone!

In the first place, I wish you all a happy new year 2020 ! ^^

I probably say it every year, but I'll spare you the Wish you a good health! that often brings bad luck at a time when germs are waiting to storm us. x)

While waiting for more consistent news, I'm stopping briefly to remind you that the little contest I launched in mid-December is still running! =)

As a reminder, it's all about winning original penciled and inked illustration of Rey, heroine of the new Star Wars trilogy.

To participate, it's simple, just play my game (coded with my little hands) Star Wars - Space Battle here:

The one who make the highest score between today and January 15, 2020 included will win the prize! You still have 9 days left and you can play as many times as you want! :D

At the moment, the best score of the contest is held by Reliaks with 249 points!

About the comic book Tarkhan, it's progressing slowly but surely. Job and strikes don't help much (yes, I'm one of those people from Paris who had to hike to go to work and spend their holidays alone) but I'm doing my best to finish the comic. I still have 5 more pages to ink. I also take the opportunity to test equipment to optimize my working time.

That's all for the news.
I wish you a happy new year 2020 again and I'll get back to my comic pages. :)

Have a nice week and see you soon!


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Signing at Comics Corner and win an original illustration !

Published by Suisei at 14/12/2019 à 20h45

Hi everyone !

I'm so overwhelmed these days that I forgot to tell you some things.

Book signing session at the Comics Corner

Tomorrow, Sunday, December 15, I will be signing at the Comics Corner, in Paris, with Marvin Traoré, Jean-Christophe Nollet and Lionel Calméjane, on the occasion of an afternoon dedicated to Star Wars to celebrate the final episode of the saga ! :D

I made a small poster especially for this event. :)

the session will start at 2:30 pm. On the page of Comics Corner it is announced that it should last until 7pm, but due to the strikes, I may not be able to stay until the end (the problem will probably be the same for the other artists).

As usual I will present you my comics already released, in particular Dragon Cat's to stay in the Star Wars theme as well as the original pages of the current projects including Tarkhan. :)

Win an original illustration

In addition, to celebrate the end of the new Star Wars trilogy, I offer you a little game to win the originals of my poster!

To participate, it's simple, just play my game (coded with my little hands) Star Wars - Space Battle here:

The one who make the highest score between today and January 15, 2020 included will win the prize! :D

So get on your keyboards and jump into your X-Wing!

Good night and see you tomorrow at Comics Corner! :D


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