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Nos Jeux sur Marne

Published by Suisei at 25/05/2019 à 22h15

Hi everybody!

I will do signing at the Nos Jeux sur Marne convention at Nogent-sur-Marne tomorrow (May 26, 2019) ! =D

Nos Jeux sur Marne is a festival dedicated to board games, role-playing games and more generally the geek culture.

It takes place at the Pavillon Baltard at this address:

12 rue Victor Hugo
94130, Nogent-sur-Marne
RER A, Nogent-sur-Marne

You can find me there with my usual gear and in particular my comic books, The Curse of Capillophagocyte and the series of Dragon Cat's Galaxia 1/2 and it will be the occasion to chat again.
If you have any questions about our Ulule campaign for the comic book Tarkhan Skullkiller it is also the right opportunity! :D

Good night and see you tomorrow!


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Signing at Comics Corner

Published by Suisei at 02/05/2019 à 15h45

Hi everybody!

I will do signing at the Comics Corner in Paris next Saturday (May 4, 2019) on the occasion of the Free Comic Book Day and the Star Wars Day, from 2pm to 8pm ! =D

The Comics Corner is a library and a comics reading room.
It is located in Paris at this address :

25 boulevard Voltaire
75011, Paris
Métro Oberkampf

You can find me there with my usual gear and in particular my comic books, The Curse of Capillophagocyte and the series of Dragon Cat's Galaxia 1/2 and it will be the occasion to chat again.
If you have any questions about our Ulule campaign for the comic book Tarkhan Skullkiller it is also the right opportunity! :D

In this regard, we would like to thank the first contributors of this campaign who have already allowed us to reach 18% of the initial objective ! =D
There are only three holo cards left to win. Don't dawdle! :p

Don't forget that you can join us on Twitch tonight at 5pm! ^^

Have a good day and see you tonight on Twitch !


P.S. If you want miss no news and if you haven't already done so, you can subscribe to the newsletter here :

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Normandiebulle 2018

Published by Suisei at 14/09/2018 à 17h05
Updated by Suisei at 16/05/2019 à 11h28

Hello, everyone!

Today I have two things to announce to you.

The first is that we will be able to meet again IRL.
This time (and for the first time) I venture out of Paris to meet you in the province.
I will exhibit at the comic book festival Normandiebulle, in Darnétal, on 29 and 30 September 2018, among a multitude of other authors! =D

The second news I have to tell you is that after many difficulties, back pain, spats, computer bugs, headaches and so on...

Chapter 2 of Dragon Cat's Galaxia 1/2 is FINALLY FINISHED!!! (Wild howl of satisfaction.)

This cover which rocked my world…

You will finally be able to discover the rest of this crazy adventure at the next events where we will meet, starting with Normandiebulle. I’m finishing to build the book, then I'll just have to send the comic book to print. Joy! =D

I can’t wait to show you this brand new and fresh comic book.
Have a good weekend and see you soon! =D

Suisei - Killfaeh

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Feedback about Japan Expo 2018

Published by Suisei at 11/07/2018 à 15h45

Hello, everybody!

After a little rest well deserved, it is time to make a feedback about Japan Expo 2018 !

There are many things to tell, I don't really know where to start.

If you follow me on the social networks, you may have seen me grumbling before and during the convention. Indeed, this year has been a difficult one.
But in the end, the result is positive. :D

I was stressed a lot before the JE because I had trouble finishing new content for the event (not finished new comics, not sure to receive the new posters and new postcards in time and the holographic paper to make my little holocards that arrived only Friday night, at the half of the JE). So I started the expo tired from day one. ^^'

Friday was the most difficult day. Because of the very bad revenue (buddies didn't understand at all), the holographic paper that arrives late, the printer that has no ink left and one of the only cards I can make ruined, I started to doubt that I would be able to reimburse my expenses. ^^'

It was much better the other days and it's also largely thanks to the buddies who came to help me in one way or another.
I owe you a big favor and I am truly touched by your solidarity.
Thank you friends! =D

In the end, after doing the books, I realize that I did not do so badly and that I managed to reimburse all my expenses this year. It is the first JE during which I success to do it. I'm happy. x)

Making Japan Expo profitable is quite hard, so we don't really know if we'll have a stand next year, and if so, it will probably be in the passion section.

It is not easy to get people's attention in the amateur section. There is a lot of competition and we play Tetris to showcase our work on very small stands.
And Steven is posing like a bad guy. x)

All difficulties and my mood which moved on a roller coaster put aside, Japan Expo remains a nice moment because we find there a whole bunch of friends that we do not have (or not often) the opportunity to see otherwise (Ouv, Maina, Jérôme, Benjamin, Hakim, Olivia...), without forgetting all the friends of Drink'N'Draw.
It is also always an opportunity to meet and get to know new people, especially those we already knew online and that we can recognize by their nickname or their art x) (Laora and Josette) and our stand neighbours, Ange N' Ko who were very good company. :D
And let's not forget the little Saturday dinner with friends (Steven, Therry, Ouv, Jérôme, Benjamin) which was a welcome break and a pleasure. :)

About Customs

For several years now, customs have been raiding Japan Expo to track down counterfeiting on the stands, and this year it made a lot of noise.

What happend?

Customs did its job, but applied the law more strictly than usual at the request of the licenses owners.
Then rumours swelled and distorted the facts, you know the principle of the chinese whispers.
We have heard that they only attack amateurs cowardly and stories about organized theft disguised as fake customs.

As you can imagine, there are fakes in there.

The facts.
Not only amateur stands were affected. Customs seized counterfeit goods in dubious import shops. But because it is a usual fact we don't talk about it, we only mention the spectacular ones.
The amateur stands were right next to the shop stands, amateur goodies were also seized and destroyed. These are fanarts, including Pokémon (badges, stickers, keychains). But according to the customs photos, these fan products are close enough to the original to be confused by the uninitiated with official products and my sources indicates that the targeted stands had already been spotted selling their products online before JE.
I was exhibiting myself on the amateur section and I didn't see customs in our alley.

Customs also intervened on the side of passion stands. I know many witnesses. No less than 6 stands of this sector were owned by friends or at least people I know.

Who was targeted?

In the passion section, some stands doing mainly fanarts were touched but not all.
The stands that were affected were stands which offered exclusively fanarts and work copied or even traced from official visuals.
It is called plagiarism.

The fanart stands that were spared, on the other hand, offered works that were strongly reinterpreted with a personal style and new compositions and could not be confused with official products or visuals.
If the law is strictly applied, they can be prosecuted too. But licenses owners are more tolerant about artists who take the trouble to learn to draw and offer a new and personnal vision of their licences. It's still dangerous because they can change their minds overnight and decide to prosecute any form of fanart at any time. It depends on their goodwill.

So, the facts have been exagerated, people have got carried away imagining the poor little artist cowardly attacked when in fact, it is really counterfeits, plagiarists and goodies of fans marketed in a little too professionnal way that have been targeted. Things that cannot be defended.
The raiding was legitimate and dotted the i's and crossed the t's of pseudo artists who practiced unfair competition towards those who take the trouble to master their art and develop a style and a personal universe.

I hope that what has happened this year will discourage copycats and plagiarists from strutting around in this kind of event and leave more place for authentic creative people who take the trouble to bring something new. :D

I think I said everything about the Japan Expo.
As usual, it's physically very difficult, I collapsed on my bed again to take a looooonnnnnnng nap yesterday afternoon.

Now it's time to get back to good habits and a normal pace of life. I go back working on the Space Wizard McKcarell and Dragon Cat's Galaxia 1/2 pages and I'll give you a report about the progress of this very, very soon. :)

Have a good day and see you soon ! :D

Suisei - Killfaeh

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Japan Expo 2018

Published by Suisei at 18/06/2018 à 15h45

Hi everyone!

Today I announce you that I will exhibite at the Japan Expo Paris with my friend Steven Style under the name S&S Associate! :D

Our stand will be at number N620 in the hobbyist space in the hall 6.

As usual, we will offer you signed comics, prints of our illustrations, artbooks, little commissions and...

I go out on a limb by saying that...

The second chapter of my comic Dragon Cat's Galaxia 1/2.

I recently finished the penciled phase and I'm inking the pages. I work very hard to try to finish in time. This episode is really hard to draw with its Berserk syndrom (armies of Stormtroopers, tourists... yes! tourists! and parisians... yes! de parisians!). x)

Who will fight Darth Vader? Goku or Vegeta?

If you don't know Dragon Cat's Galaxia 1/2 yet, the first episode is free to read and you can find it by following this link:
I think I will broadcast some drawing live sessions during which you can kick my butt to make me inking and put screentones faster. x)
In the worst case, if I can't do it for the JE, I would have progressed a lot and it will be finished for September's events. ^^ And as I ink this episode in a traditional way, you will see the progress on the originals.

And of course, the JE will be the opportunity to talk and laugh again with you around a candy jar. :D

Have a good day and see you soon! :D

Suisei - Killfaeh

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