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Drink'N'Draw Paris January and February 2021

Published by Suisei at 05/03/2021 à 15h30

Hi everyone!

Today, I won't knock you out with a lot of text. I promise! :p
As announced last time I'll show you a compilation of the latest drawings made during our Drink'N'Draw Paris online sessions.
You can enlarge the images by clicking on them.

Sylvanas Windrunner, a character from the famous online game World of Warcraft.

For this time, I made a collaboration with my friend Khimaerai. We've been talking about making one for a long time. :D
I drew the lineart (on Clip Studio Paint) and he put the colors (also on Clip Studio Paint).

Jujutsu Kaisen, Collective contribution with Renauddesign and Kevin Kapalsky.

We didn't know this manga at all. Anyway I found a character with a cool design to draw (the one in the middle).

Pirates, Collective contribution with Renauddesign and Kevin Kapalsky.

This time I tried a more cartoon style compared to my habits (the pirate hanging on the rope).

Alpha Flight, Collective contribution with Renauddesign and Kevin Kapalsky.

It was still a subject I was discovering. The Alpha Flight is a group of super heroes from the Marvel Universe that has the particularity of being composed entirely of Canadians. Wolverine was one of them.
I had a lot of fun on this theme. I found a character whith a design I liked (the middle character): molded muscular volumes, some metallic effects, protruding cheekbones...

Horizon Zero Dawn, Collective contribution with Renauddesign.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an adventure video game set in a post-apocalyptic future. I haven't played it but the environments look very beautiful. In any case what I've seen invites to the trip.

This time I was a little tired and the character didn't really inspire me. No molded muscular volumes, no metallic effects, no protruding cheekbones, no big cloak... In short! Not my best performance I think (the little character on the right).

Egyptian gods

This time I didn't work on with friends. I wanted to practice on Clip Studio Paint and test some brushes I created.
I chose to draw the god Osiris. I have seen in photos of Egyptian frescoes that they painted him green to signify that he was dead, so I had fun making him a similar green skin. x)

That's all for today.
I recently did a fun rediscovery that took me back to my teenage years, so I'm going to have some more things to tell you, but let's save that for next time.

Have a nice week-end and see you soon! :D


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