About the RPG prototype

Published Tuesday, March 09, 2017

Hello and welcome to the section dedicated to my RPG prototype.

What is this "RPG prototype" ?

It's a game engine I am developping (since early 2016). The RPG Prototype is a tool to test it.

RPG are ones of my favorite games and I want to develop some ones because I have stories to tell.
I could have tryed to use some ready-made engones like RPG Maker or Unity, but they have some constraints which prevent me to do what I want without making a "gasworks". On the other hand D'autre part I already know many languages and technologies much more general and I have already developed many tools with them. It bothers me to have to start from scratch to learn how to use tools that are too specialized and to have to tinker with neither clean nor orthodox stuff to do what I want (in addition WYSIWYG bore me stiff, I prefer coding).
Anyway! I develop everything myself in this engine, so I have total control of what I do. :)

For the moment, the prototype that I present to you is entirely developped with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
It helps to give concrete ideas very quickly and it's easier for you to test since you have nothing to download or install, you just need your (recent) browser. :)
Eventually, I will develop with C ++, for the game engine, the display of the environment, the network part and all resource intensive calculations, and HTML5, CSS3, Javascript for the user interface part (windows, popups, buttons ...).

At the moment, it is a solo RPG engine to which I will eventually add a small multi mode.
In the long term, I plan to expand it to be able to make an online RPG. It is a project on the theme of space exploration and scientific research where the collaboration between players would be particularly put forward.

I will keep you informed as regular as possible of the progress of these projects.

Suisei - Killfaeh