Update of Go on an Adventure Comrades!

Published by Suisei at 07/03/2022 à 20h15
Updated by Suisei at 26/02/2022 à 22h09

Hi everyone!

As mentioned in the in review 2021, last spring I did a big update to the game!
I should have made the announcement back then, but... I had a terrible laziness to write news for a long time. I preferred to spend my meager free time coding, doodling, modeling. :p

So! This update.

It consists of 2 important points.

No need to download the game

Indeed, with the previous version you needed to download the client of the game. It was not very sexy because the native python graphics module is very limited.

Now you can play it directly from your browser! :D
Nothing to download or install. All you have to do is click on the Play link on the game page.
Or you can simply click here to go directly to the game screen.

On the left, it was before the update, on the right, it is after.
In my short career as a developer, I have never found better than web technologies to be able to make beautiful user interfaces that are fast, pretty and flexible.

As a bonus, the game is also compatible with mobiles!
You can really play it from anywhere now (as long as you have internet access)! :D

Hosting of the server

The second point is more technical.
Before, the game server was running on my home computer, so you could only play if it was turned on and connected to the Internet in my home.

Those days are over!
From now on, the server is running on a professional host with automatic backups, so the game is always accessible! :D

As a bonus for me, it will have been a good exercise for future online game projects that are in development.

I wish you a nice week and see you soon for new adventures!



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