Update of Go on an Adventure Comrades!

Published by Suisei at 07/03/2022 à 20h15
Updated by Suisei at 26/02/2022 à 22h09

Hi everyone!

As mentioned in the in review 2021, last spring I did a big update to the game!
I should have made the announcement back then, but... I had a terrible laziness to write news for a long time. I preferred to spend my meager free time coding, doodling, modeling. :p

So! This update.

It consists of 2 important points.

No need to download the game

Indeed, with the previous version you needed to download the client of the game. It was not very sexy because the native python graphics module is very limited.

Now you can play it directly from your browser! :D
Nothing to download or install. All you have to do is click on the Play link on the game page.
Or you can simply click here to go directly to the game screen.

On the left, it was before the update, on the right, it is after.
In my short career as a developer, I have never found better than web technologies to be able to make beautiful user interfaces that are fast, pretty and flexible.

As a bonus, the game is also compatible with mobiles!
You can really play it from anywhere now (as long as you have internet access)! :D

Hosting of the server

The second point is more technical.
Before, the game server was running on my home computer, so you could only play if it was turned on and connected to the Internet in my home.

Those days are over!
From now on, the server is running on a professional host with automatic backups, so the game is always accessible! :D

As a bonus for me, it will have been a good exercise for future online game projects that are in development.

I wish you a nice week and see you soon for new adventures!


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À l'Aventure Compagnons ! Postponed by one hour

Published by Suisei at 17/04/2020 à 10h15
Updated by Suisei at 17/04/2020 à 09h31

Hi everyone!

I'm publishing this little news to remind you that I will broadcast a little game session À l'Aventure Compagnons ! on Twitch tonight, but also that I'm postponing it by one hour.
Indeed, I think it might be nicer to let people who eat at normal hours (not like me :p ) finish their meal, but also, I almost forgot that today was shopping day and I don't know if it's going to be as messy as last Friday at the store.

So, I'll be on Twitch at 8PM. :)

If you want to actively participate in the raid to kick the goblins and the dragon during this session you can download the game on this page.

Have a nice day and see you tonight on Twitch ! =D


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Go on an Adventure Comrades!

Published by Suisei at 13/04/2020 à 15h45

Hi everyone!

A week ago I had to learn a new programming language for my job: Python.
And to finalize learning this language, guess what I did last weekend as an exercice?

Yes ! A new game! =D

One more!
This time, we're still in the RPG business, but I didn't use RPG Maker and it's an online multiplayer game.
Yes, like MMORPGs, but much smaller. x)

This new game is called À l'Aventure Compagnons ! (Go on an Adventure Comrades!) and is downloadable at this page.

In this game, you will explore a small, very small, fantasy world, very classic, looking like Tolkian Middle Earth (you don't change a winning team) all illustrated with pencil.
You can play as a human, an elf or a dwarf to go up against goblins or a dragon in a turn-based combat system close to an ancient Final Fantasy.
A single adventurer can defeat the goblins, but a small group raid will be necessary to defeat the dragon.

Now you can download the game here and play.
A nice manual is also available on this page. It even includes a bestiary ! =D

If you use Mac OS X or Windows, at the start of the game, a very ugly console of those which frighten the neophites like the one below will be displayed next to the main window.

Don't panic, it's perfectly normal. :)
It's even a very useful tool. All the bugs and errors are displayed there if there are any.
So, if at some point it crashes, feel free to copy the content of this console or make a capture and send it to me on Discord or via the contact form so that I can apply the necessary patches quickly.

As this is an exercise, I don't plan many evolutions for this game, but I think I will bring some little improvements, notably to make it multilingual (it is currently available in French only) and to improve a bit the graphical interface. Python's built-in graphics library is quite limited and not fully developed. Some external resources will be needed.

At the moment, the game server is running on my personal computer, so it will sometimes be turned off (you'll get a nice error message on the login screen :p ). Therefore, I'm thinking more and more about investing in a small Raspberry Pi to run as a permanent server, especially since my other game projects that are already on the way integrate more and more multiplayer components.

A little live session on Twitch?

Well, since at the moment the tasks I'm doing on the comic book Tarkhan Skullkiller are not particularly exciting to film (hatching on trees), I propose to do a little live game session on Twitch where we'll kick together some naughty goblin and evil dragon. =D

I propose you to do that next friday (April 17, 2020) at 7pm by connecting in voice chat on Discord to play together.

That's all for today.
I thank my friend Jérôme who accepted to beta-test the game to track down the remaining bugs. ^^

I wish you a good Easter weekend and see you soon!


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