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And the winner is !

Published by Suisei at 28/01/2020 à 15h45
Updated by Suisei at 27/01/2020 à 21h47

Hi everybody!

And here is finally the result of the contest on the game Star Wars - Space Battle ! (Yes, it took a while, but to be honest, I was lazy to write the news. :p)

After one month of challenge, it's fenryr8778 who wins with 273 points !
Congratulations to him! \o/

So he wins the originals of this illustration of Rey from Star Wars!

Besides, many of you played, and that really made me happy! :D
When you develop a game, it's the greatest reward to see people playing it.

So, to thank you, it occurred to me to offer a small gift to all the participants: a A6 postcard among those available on the store that you can consult here.
I will send an email to each of you to ask you which visual would please you and your contact details to send it to you.
Note that the Cosmic Christ is announced as currently unavailable. I am planning to reprint it, so you can choose it as well.

So, it was a first time and seeing that you played the game, I have a good mind to organize new contests of this type in the future while evolving the formula and developing small features to follow and animate these events more easily for ever more fun. :D

On that note, Have a nice week, and see you soon!



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