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Happy new year 2020!

Published by Suisei at 06/01/2020 à 15h45

Hi everyone!

In the first place, I wish you all a happy new year 2020 ! ^^

I probably say it every year, but I'll spare you the Wish you a good health! that often brings bad luck at a time when germs are waiting to storm us. x)

While waiting for more consistent news, I'm stopping briefly to remind you that the little contest I launched in mid-December is still running! =)

As a reminder, it's all about winning original penciled and inked illustration of Rey, heroine of the new Star Wars trilogy.

To participate, it's simple, just play my game (coded with my little hands) Star Wars - Space Battle here:

The one who make the highest score between today and January 15, 2020 included will win the prize! You still have 9 days left and you can play as many times as you want! :D

At the moment, the best score of the contest is held by Reliaks with 249 points!

About the comic book Tarkhan, it's progressing slowly but surely. Job and strikes don't help much (yes, I'm one of those people from Paris who had to hike to go to work and spend their holidays alone) but I'm doing my best to finish the comic. I still have 5 more pages to ink. I also take the opportunity to test equipment to optimize my working time.

That's all for the news.
I wish you a happy new year 2020 again and I'll get back to my comic pages. :)

Have a nice week and see you soon!



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