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Star Wars - Space Battle, game's replay

Published by Suisei at 24/09/2018 à 15h45

Hi everyone!

I just updated my fan-game Star Wars - Space Battle.
You will enjoy a new feature, dear players!

Now, the complete progress of all your new games is recorded to allow you to watch again and again the replay of all your games!
Your prowess will now be remembered in history! =D

At the end of a new game, you can watch its replay immediately. Note that if the game has been long and you have a low-speed network, it may take several seconds to register and the Try again and Replay buttons may not appear immediately. Just be patient. =)
If you leave the start screen or game over screen, the replay of the highest score with replay data is automatically started as a demo after a few seconds. You can exit this demo by pressing the escape key.

In the ranking screen, if a score has a Replay button, you can watch the game without being connected.

Unfortunately for older games, as the data was not saved, no replay will be available for them.
So I'm counting on you to break the scores and give us epic moments! =D
I might even put future best score games on Youtube and everyone will be able to watch the prowess of the best players! =D

Have a good week and see you soon! =D

Suisei - Killfaeh


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