The FinnSkåld welfare office, update

Published by Suisei at 04/06/2019 à 16h45

Hi everyone!

Today, to change I don't talk about Tarkhan Skullkiller, I come to talk to you about game!

Do you remember the FinnSkåld welfare office?

It is a tiny RPG that I had done with RPG Maker at the end of 2017.

I have just uploaded a new version! =D
I also took the opportunity to open a dedicated section on to better highlight this small project. :)

In concrete terms, what is new in this version?

New graphics!
I combined the basic graphic elements of RPG Maker with those from a DLC that I have modofied to obtain more elaborate natural settings.

Isn't it nice all these little trees and this beautiful waterfall? :)
I also modified the dog sprites to make them look like wolfs in the forest. It looks less ridiculous. x)

In addition to new visual elements, I put new sounds too!

Indeed, I modified and added a whole bunch of nature sounds, river, waterfalls and animals, to make the game experience more immersive, like a walk in the countryside and the forest! =)

To download this new version of the game, you can go to the Download page.

The game now also has its own dedicated manual page. You will find it here.
The manual is not complete yet, so I will do little demo on Twitch tonight at 6:30 pm. =)

Have a nice day and see you on Twitch !



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